Sunday, August 4, 2013

Baby Names Of Boy Starting With M

Starting With "Ma":

Maalolan =Name Of Deity In Ahobilam (Ap)
Madan =Cupid, God Of Love
Madesh =Lord Shiva
Madhav =Sweet Like Honey
Madhavan =Lord Shiva
Madhuban =Lord Vishnu
Madhukar =Honey Bee, Lover
Madhusudan =Lord Krishna
Madhusudhana =Krishna, One Who Killed Demon
Madin =Delightful
Magan =Absorbed
Mahabala =Great Strength
Mahadev =Most Powerful God
Mahaketu =Lord Shiva
Mahakram =Lord Vishnu
Mahamani =Lord Shiva
Mahant =Great
Mahatru =Lord Vishnu
Mahavir =Most Courageous Among Men
Maheepati =The King
Mahendra =Indra
Mahesh =Shiva
Mahit =Honoured
Maitreya =Friend
Makarand =Bee
Makhesh =Lord Krishna
Makrand =Honey
Makul =Bud
Malank =King
Mallesh =Lord Shiva
Mamraj =Lord Of Affection
Manas =Powers
Manav =Man
Manavendra =King Among Men
Mandar =Flower
Mandhatri =Prince
Manendra =King Of Mind
Mangal =Auspicious
Mangesh =Lord Shiva
Manhar =Lord Krishna
Manik =Gem
Manindra =Diamond
Maniram =Jewel Of A Person
Manish =God Of Mind
Manishankar =Shiva
Manit =Highly Respected
Manjit =Conqueror Of Knowledge
Manmohan =Lord Krishna
Mannan =Thought
Manohar =One Who Wins Over Mind
Manoj =Born Of Mind
Manoranjan =One Who Pleases The Mind
Manprasad =Mentally Calm And Cool Person
Mansukh =Pleasure Of Mind
Manu =Founder Father Of Human Beings
Mardav =Simple
Mareechi =Ray Of Light
Markanday =Shiva'S Devotee
Markandeya =A Sage
Martand =Sun
Maruti =Lord Hanuman
Matsendra =King Of The Fishes
Maulik =Precious
Mayank =Moon
Mayur =Peacock

Starting With "Me":

Meer =Chief
Meghaj =Pearl
Meghdutt =Gift Of Clouds
Meghnad =Thunder
Mehal =Cloud
Mehul =Rain

Starting With "Mi":

Mihir =Sun
Mikul =Comrade
Milan =Meeting; Joining
Miland =Bee
Milind =Honey Bee
Milit =Comradship
Miten =Male Friend
Mitesh =One With Few Desires
Mithil =Kingdom
Mithun =Couple
Mitrajit =Friendly
Mitul =Limited

Starting With "Mo":

Modak =Pleasing
Modal =Enjoyment
Moh =Love
Mohak =Attractive
Mohan =Charming, Fascinating
Mohin =Attractive
Mohit =Ensnarled By Beauty
Mohnish =Lord Krishna
Mohul =Attractive
Monish =Lord Of Mind
Moti =Pearl

Starting With "Mr":

Mrigaj =Son Of The Moon
Mrigasya =Lord Shiva
Mrinal =Lotus

Starting With "Mu":

Mudil =Moonshine
Mudit =Happy
Mukesh =Lord Of The Dumb
Mukul =Bud
Mukund =Lord Krishna
Mukunda =Freedom Giver
Munish =Lord Buddha
Muralidhar =Lord Krishna
Murari =Lord Krishna
Murli= Flute


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