Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baby Names Of Boys Starting With J

Starting With "Ja":

Jafar =Little Stream
Jag =The Universe
Jagadeep =Light Of The World
Jagadhidh =Lord Of The World
Jagajeet =Conquerer Of The World
Jagajeevan =Life Of The World
Jagannath =Lord Of The World
Jagat =World
Jagdeep =Light Of The Universe
Jagdeo =God Of The World
Jagdish =King Of The World
Jagesh =Lord Of The Universe
Jagish =Lord Of The Universe
Jagmohan =One Who Attracts The World
Jagrav =Awakened
Jai =Lord Shiva
Jaideep =Victory To The Light
Jaidev =God Of Victory
Jaigopal =Victorious Lord Krishna
Jaiman =Victorious
Jaipal =Lord Vishnu
Jairaj =Lord Of Victory
Jairam =Victory Of Lord Rama
Jaisukh =Happy Victor
Jaival= Life Giving
Jaivant =Victorious
Jaivardhan =Lord Shiva
Jaiveer =Victorious
Jalesh =Lord Of Water
Janak =Father Of Sita, Creator
Janardan =One Who Helps People
Janesh =Lord Of Men
Janu =Soul; Life Force
Japesh =Lord Shiva
Jaspal =Lord Krishna
Jasraj =King Of Fame
Jasveer =Hero Of Fame
Jaswant =Victorious (Yashwant)
Jatan =Nurturing
Jatin =Lord Shiva
Jawahar =Jewel
Jay =Victory
Jayadeep =Light Of Victory
Jayaditya =Victorious Sun
Jayant =Victorious
Jayashekhar =Crest Of Victory
Jayendra =Lord Of Victory
Jayesh =Victor
Jayin =Conqueror
Jaysdht =Na
Jaysukh =Pleasure Of Victory

Starting With "Je":

Jeevan =Life

Jhumar =Child'S Plaything

Starting With "Ji":

Jigar =Heart
Jignesh =Intellectual Curiosity
Jina =Lord Vishnu
Jinadev =Lord Of Victory
Jinendra =Lord Of Life
Jishnu =Triumphant
Jitendra =Lord Of Conquerers
Jivaj =Full Of Life
Jival =Full Of Life
Jivraj =Lord Of Life

Starting With "Jn":

Jnyandeep =Light Of Knowledge
Jnyaneshwar =God Of Wisdom

Starting With "Jo":
Jogesh =Lord Shiva
Joginder =Lord Shiva
Jograj =Lord Shiva

Starting With "Ju":
Jugal =Couple
Jugnu =Fire

Starting with "Jw":
Jwalant =Luminous
Jwalia =Lord Shiva


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