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Baby Names Of Boys Starting With T

Starting With "Ta":

Taksa =A Son Of Bharata
Taksha =King Bharat'S Son
Taksheel =Someone With A Strong Character
Talaketu =Bhishma Pitamaha
Talank =Lord Shiva
Talin =Lord Shiva
Talish =Lord Of Earth
Tamal =Dark Tree
Tamoghna =Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Tana =Issue
Tanak =Prize
Tanav =Flute
Tanay =Of The Family
Tanish =Ambition
Tanmay =Engrossed
Tanvir =Strong
Tapan =Sun, Summer
Tapas =Heat, Penance
Tapesh =The Holy Trinity
Tapeshwar =Lord Shiva
Taradhish =Lord Of The Stars
Tarak =Star, Pupil Of Eye, Protector
Tarakeshwar =Lord Shiva
Taraknath =Lord Shiva
Taraksh =Mountain
Taran =Raft, Heaven
Tarang =Wave
Tarendra =Prince Of Stars
Tariq= Morning Star
Tarun =Young, Youth
Tathagat =Lord Buddha
Tatya =Lord Shiva
Tausiq =Reinforcement
Tautik =Pearl

Starting With "Te":

Teerth =Holy Place, Sacred Water
Tej =Light, Lustrous
Tejas =Sharpness

Starting with "Th":

Thavanesh =Lord Shiva

Starting with "Ti":

Tilak =Sandal Wood Paste On Forehead
Timin =Large Fish
Tirranand =Lord Shiva
Tirthankar =Lord Vishnu
Tirthayaad =Lord Krishna
Tisyaketu =Lord Shiva
Toyesh =Lord Of Water

Starting With "Tr":

Triambak =Lord Shiva
Tridhaman =The Holy Trinity
Tridhatri =Lord Ganesh
Trigya =Lord Buddha
Trijal= Lord Shiva
Trikay =Lord Buddha
Trilochan =One With Three Eyes, Shiva
Trilok =The Three Worlds (Heaven, Earth, Hell)
Trilokanath =Lord Shiva
Trilokesh =Lord Vishnu
Trimurti =The Holy Trinity
Trinabh =Lord Vishnu
Trinayan =Lord Shiva
Tripurajit =Lord Shiva
Tripurari =Lord Shiva
Trishar =Pearl Necklace
Trishul =Lord Shiva'S Trident
Trishulank =Lord Shiva
Trishulin =Lord Shiva
Trivikram =A Name Of God Vishnu

Starting With "Tu":

Tuka =Young Boy
Tulasidas =Servant Of Tulasi (Basil Plant)
Tunda =Lord Shiva
Tunganath =Lord Of The Mountains
Tungar =High, Lofty
Tungesh =Moon
Tungeshwar =Lord Of The Mountains
Tungish =Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu
Turag =A Thought
Tushar =Fine Drops Of Water
Tusya =Lord Shiva
Tuvidyumna =Lord Indra
Tuvijat =Lord Indra

Tridev =hindu Trinity ( Bramha, Vishnu & Mahesh - the creator, sustainer, destroyer)
Tridhaman= The Holy Trinity
Tridhatri= Lord Ganesh
Tridib =heaven
Trigun =the three dimensions
Trigya =Lord Buddha
Trijal =Lord Shiva
Trikay =Lord Buddha
Trilochan =Three-Eyed Lord, Lord Shiva
Trilochana =Three-Eyed Lord, Lord Shiva
Trilok =the three worlds, Lord Shiva
Trilokanath= Lord Shiva
Trilokchand= moon of the three worlds
Trilokesh= Lord Shiva
Triloki Nath =Lord Shiva
Trimurti =The Holy Trinity
Trinabh =Lord Vishnu
Trinayan= Lord Shiva
Tripurajit= Lord Shiva
Tripurari= Lord Shiva
Trishanku= a king of the Surya dynasty
Trishar =Pearl Necklace
Trishul =Shiva's weapon
Trishulank= Lord Shiva
Trishulin= Lord Shiva
Trivid =One who knows the three Vedas
Trivikram= Lod Vishnu
Tufan =storm
Tuhin =snow
Tuhinsurra= white as snow
Tuka =Young Boy
Tukaram =a poet saint
Tula =Balance scale, zodiac sign Libra
Tulasidas= servant of Tulsi ( basil )
Tulsidas= a famous saint
Tunda =Lord Shiva
Tunganath= Lord Of The Mountains
Tungar =high, lofty
Tungesh =moon
Tungeshwar= Lord Of The Mountains
Tungish =Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu
Turag =A Thought
Turanyu =Swift
Tushar =snow
Tusharkanti= Lord Shiva
Tusharsuvra= white as snow
Tusya =Lord Shiva
Tuvidyumna= Lord Indra
Tuvijat =Lord Indra
Tyagraja= a famous poet
Taahir =Chaste, Modest
Taamir =One Who Knows Dates
Taheer =Pure, Chaste, Clean
Taher =Pure, Chaste, Clean
Tahir =Pure, Chaste, Clean
Tajim =Respect
Tal =Dew, Rain
Talal =Nice, Admirable
Talha =Kind Of Tree
Talhah =Kind Of Tree
Talut =Saul
Talya =Dew, Rain
Tamam =Generous
Tameez =Discernment, Discretion, Judgement, Sense, Distinction
Tamir =One Who Owns Date Palm Trees
Tamiz =Discernment, Discretion, Judgement, Sense, Distinction
Tammaan =Generous
Tareef =Rare, Uncommon
Tareq=Door Knocker
Tarfah =Kind Of Tree
Tarif =Rare, Uncommon
Tarikh =Date, Annals, Morning Star
Tarique =Morning Star
Tasallee= Consolation, Comfort, Satisfaction
Tawfeeq =Success
Tawfiq =Success, Reconciliation
Taymullah= Servant Of God
Tayseer =Facilitation
Taysir =Facilitation
Tayyib =Good Or Delicate
Thaabit =Firm
Thabit =Firm
Thaqib =Shooting Star
Taan =Power
Tajender= God Of Grandeur
Tajinder= God Of Grandeur
Takhat =Seat, Throne
Talvir =Na
Talwar =Sword
Tan =Body
Tarlochan= Three/Third Dimension
Teg =One Who Wields The Sword
Tegbir =The Brave Warrior Wielding The Sword
Tegh =The Wielder Of The Sword
Teja =Fast/Speedy/Sharp
Tejbir =The Glory Of The Brave One
Tejindar= God Of Grandeur
Tejinder= God Of Grandeur
Tejpal =Protector Of Splender
Thakurjeet= One Who Has Won The Lord MasterS Love
Thalbir =The Brave Warrior
Thirath =Religious Place
Tirath =Sacred Place
Tribhawan= Three Bhawan Holy Place
Triman =One Worshipped In The Three Worlds
Tripat =Pure/Sacred
Talmai =Mound
Tamar =From The Palm Tree
Tobias =The Lord Is Kind
Tuvya =GodS Goodness
Tadelesh= Lucky
Taji =Crown
Taye =He Has Been Seen
Tedros =Gift Of God
Tefo =Payment
Tenen=Born On Monday
Toure =Beloging To The Soussou Or Maninka
Tumo =Fame
Tupac =Warrior, Messenger
Tahmores= Strong And Wild Dog
Tadeo =Praise
Tajo =Day
Tejano =Texan Male
Tiago =Form Of Jacob
Turi =Bear
Terrell =Thunder Ruler
Traugott= GodS Truth
Trent =Thirty
Truman =Faithful Man
Tab =A Form Of David Or Drummer
Tad =Derived From Thad
Teneil =Not Available F Or
Terrel =Derives From Terence
Terrian =Physically Strong, Ambitious
Tevin =Son Of Kevin F Or
Tocho =Mountain Lion
Tokala =Fox
Tommy =A Twin
Trory =The Red One
Tyrell =Thunder Ruler F Or
Terence =Tender, Gracious
Terrence= Tender, Gracious
Tomas =A Twin
Tony =Worthy Of Praise
Trenton =Town By The Rapids
Trey =Three
Turner =Lathe Worker
Tybalt =He Who Sees
Thimba =Lion Hunter
Tassos =Harvester
Telemachus= Distant Fighter
Tertius =The Third
Thad =Praise
Thaddeus= Praise
Thadeus =A Form Of Thaddeus
Thanos =Bear And Man
Theo =Divine Gift
Theodore= Divine Gift
Theophilus= Loved By God
Thom =A Twin
Thomas =A Twin
Tim =To Honor God
Timothy =To Honor God
Titus =Giant
Tom =A Twin
Tymon =Priase The Lord
Tyrone =Sovereign
Ted =Divine Gift
Teddy =Divine Gift
Templeton= Town Of Sanctuary
Thatcher= Roof Fixer
Thornton= From The Thorny Town
Thurman =Servant Of Thor
Tilden =Fertile Valley
Tod =Derived From Todd
Todd =Fox
Townsend= End Of The Town
Trumble =Mighty
Tucker =Tucker Of Cloth
Tabib =Physician
Truong =School, Field
Tadhg =Poet, Philosopher
Tarmon =Church Land
Teague =A Poet
Tiernan =Lord Of The Manor
Torrance= A Form Of Terence
Tremain =Town Of The Stone
Trevor =Prudent
Tino =Small
Tomasso =Form Of Thomas
Tuari =Young Eagle
Takai =N/A
Taku =N/A
Tamasine= Twin
Taro =First Born Son
Toshi =Mirror Image
Teagan =Attractive
Torin =Chief
Trevet =Three Mounds Of Earth
Tristan =Sad
Troy =Water Or Footsoldier
Tempest =Stormy
Thibault= Form Of Theobald
Thiery =Ruler Of The People
Travis =Crossroads
Tyson =Explosive
Tanek =Immortal
Thor =Thunder
Thurston= ThorS Stone
Thwaite =Clearing, Enclosure
Torgny =Weapon Clatter
Torsten =Stone Of Thor
Trygg =TRUE
Taliesin= Radiant Brow
Trevelian= From The Home Of Elian
Tristram= Sad
Trynt =Lives Near The Stream
Tudor =Divine Gift
Teo =From Tom
Thai =Person Of Thailand
Thanh =Finish, Complete
Thuyet Theory
Tu =Not Available
Tuan =Not Available
Tamarr =Date Palm
Tameron =From Cameron
Taurean =Strong As A Bull
Tavarius= Misfortune
Tavon =Nature
Tavorian= Misfortune
Taber =From The Trenches
Taksony =Well Fed, Content, Merciless
Tass =Mythological Name
Tibor =Holy Place


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